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Adult Services

CRC offers full-service, outpatient treatment programs for adults of any age, who are facing mental health or substance use concerns. Our experienced staff help clients find the treatment services that work best for their situation.

Mental Health Counseling

Our trained staff can help you get back to living life to the fullest in a safe, inclusive, trauma informed environment. Professional counselors provide a variety of behavioral health services for individuals, groups, and family counseling.

Community Support Services

Our community-based services are designed to foster independent living and optimal functioning for individuals recovering from mental illness.

Individual Placement & Support (IPS)

IPS supported employment is an evidence-based practice that provides employment opportunities for those struggling with mental health, substance use, or other concerns.

Substance Use Counseling

We offer outpatient counseling for adults whose lives are impacted by substance use and/or gambling. We help you navigate recovery with counseling, community support, referrals to self-help groups and resources, and educational services. Counseling may be a combination of individual, group, and family.

Residential and Wellness Recovery Club (WRC)

Our residential program provides supervised living facilities to assist clients in gaining skills to transition into more independent living arrangements.


WRC provides mental health treatment & daily living skills training for individuals with serious mental illness.

Parenting Classes

We offer Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP) for those interested in learning additional parenting skills.


We also offer Children First, a two-session educational program for divorcing parents.

"CRC was the place that saved my life when I was a client. Working with this beautiful team of people and helping our communities has been a dream. I really feel cared for, the environment is good for my mental health, and there are plenty of opportunities to grow."      - J.L.

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