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"CRC was the place that saved my life when I was a client. Working with this beautiful team of people and helping our communities has been a dream. I really feel cared for, the environment is good for my mental health, and there are plenty of opportunities to grow."    - J. L.

"My experience working for CRC has been very good.  I have been given the opportunity to use my education and to also increase my knowledge of therapy in a very supportive environment.  You don't just become part of the agency when you are hired, you become part of a team that then becomes like a family."  -  A. G.

"My experience at CRC has been like no other, it truly is like a big family with amazing guidance and support. I am continuously amazed at the way staff come together to find solutions to help our clients with their needs.  I feel blessed to be a part of something that helps so many people, it makes my job even more rewarding!"  - S. C.

CRC offers full time employees:

  • 10 days vacation per year for the first 2 years

  • 15 days annually thereafter

  • 3 personal days after the first year of employment

  • after 90 days, you can earn 12 sick days per year

  • all major holidays and the employee's birthday (13 days)

  • retirement

  • group health insurance

  • life insurance

  • opportunity for continuing education

  • support for obtaining and maintaining license/certification

  • HRSA approved federal student loan repayment site

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