What To Bring To Your Appointment

To Prospective Clients

Our Goal is to provide you with the best services possible, therefore, we ask for your cooperation in providing us with all the following necessary information at your intake/assessment appointment:

  • PROOF OF FAMILY INCOME- This is necessary for us to allow you a reduction in fee IF you qualify. if it is not provided, we must charge you our regular fee of $110.00 per hour. Proof can be in the form of:

A.   Paycheck stub or current Income Tax Form (1040)

B.   If you are unemployed, you will need a letter from the individual who is financially supporting you attesting to your lack of income


  • HEALTH INSURANCE CARD- From your insurance company that shows:

A. Group ID number and address

B. Social Security number of the name of the insured

C. Be sure to contact your insurance company before your first appointment for prior-approval and any other information that is required for payment.



  • HFS MEDICAID CARD- (formerly known as Public Aid Card)

  • VETERANS- must bring a copy of your DD214

  • LIST OF MEDICATIONS- all medications that you are currently taking, include dosage and time taken. 


  • PROBATION- you will need a copy of your court order

  • COURT SUPERVISION- you will need a copy of your court order

  • PAROLE- you will need to have your institution number or ID number

In order to determine what services you need a client assessment will be conducted, the client assessment includes social history, educational and employment history, medical history, arrest history, previous mental health care history, substance abuse history and other information that will be necessary to gather and determine your service needs. The staff person you see for the first appointment may be assigned to provide your treatment or you may be assigned to someone else.

Please be aware that your first appointment can last as long as two hours. Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment to complete paperwork. Please be advised that Community Resource Center charges $25.00 for any failed to keep appointments and/or appointments canceled without a 24-hour notice. Please be aware that failure to keep these first appointments will result in you having to complete a three session Orientation Group before any future appointments will be scheduled. Please do not bring any bills larger than $20.00 for payment on your account. If children are coming with you for this appointment, please bring an adult to supervise them while you are in session. Children cannot be in our waiting room unsupervised.

If you have any questions about the above information, please give us a call.


Centralia-Main Office 618-533-1391


Carlyle-   618-594-4581

Salem-    618-548-2181


Vandalia- 618-283-4229



Staff and Management of Community Resource Center

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